Changes in concentration of sodium hypochlorite over time: the label versus reality

Eshaghali Saberi., Reza Kazemian., Narges Farhad Mollashahi., Mohammad ehsan Alizadeh., Azita Mirkazehi RIGI and Ali Kazemian

Household bleaches are the most common source of sodium hypochlorite used in root canal treatment. This study aimed to assess the concentration of free chlorine in 10 commercially available brands of household bleaches and its trend of change during four months. Ten different brands of commercially available household bleaches were analyzed to determine the concentration of free chlorine. For this purpose, titration of each product was performed four times at different intervals namely immediately after opening the lid and at one, three and four months following opening the lid. The initial concentration of all products was less than 5%, which was different from what it says on the label. At the end of four months, there was a mean reduction of 1.6% in the concentration of chlorine compared to its initial concentration. There was a significant decrease in chlorine concentration over time [P<0.001]

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