Brand power: impact of branded product versus non branded product in special preference given by chennai city

Palani A and Murugan R

This study investigates differences between branded product versus non branded in the Indian market. Brand power towards Indian and global apparel brand in the Indian market are examined. It is postulated that global and local branded product and non branded product influence brand power, which is composed of brand name, color, value, quality, loyalty, and purchase intention. Descriptive research design is followed in this research. Under non-probability sampling technique, convenience sampling method was used to select the respondent from population. The data were collected through primary sources. Primary source the data were collected using a questionnaire method. Sums of 530 Respondents met at the time of purchase in specified mall (Forum Vijaya mall and Express avenue), in Chennai City during their leisure time, with a request to fill in the questionnaire. Using repeated measures MANOVA and Descriptive, this study finds that Indian consumers perceive Indian and global brands differently based on Brand power.

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