Biodegradation of phenol by bacterial strain d4, isolated from petroleum contaminated soil

Binal Patel, Poonam B Chauhan and Mayur Gahlout

Petrochemical, textile and coal industries contains phenolic compounds in very high concentration are released from effluent. The release of such industrial byproducts into environment increases the environmental pollution by phenolic substances. Biodegradation is an environment friendly and cost effective method for the removal of phenolic compounds. This paper describes about isolation and screening of microorganisms involved in the biodegradation of phenol. Isolate D4 shows maximum removal of phenol amongst various microorganisms tested. The optimum pH and temperature for phenol degradation was found to be pH 7 and 30ᵒC respectively. The best carbon source was found to be glucose for the degradation of phenol at a concentration of 1 gm/lit. Upon optimization of phenol degradation process, 93 % phenol degradation was obtained after 48 hrs of incubation at 30ᵒC.

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