Binding affinity analysis of 16-o-acetyl leucotylic acid with hydrophobin

Ashutosh Pathak

Microbial pathogens are omnipresent and forms a matrix around the cell surface known as biofilm. Biofilms acts as a barrier to the antibiotics, thus providing resistance to the cells. With the increasing reports of biofilm mediated drug resistant there is a need to search for the antibiofilm agents. In present study, the potential of 16-O-Acetyl-Leucotylic Acid, produced from Myelochroa aurulenta (Lichen) was investigated against class I hydrophobin protein. Hydrophobins are the the proteins present outside the cell in the biofilm matrix. The virtual docking of ligand in the binding sites of hydrophobin were performed for the analysis of interaction between two. The successful docking of ligand into the protein binding sites exhibited the potential of 16-O-Acetyl Leucotylic acid as an antibiofilm agent.

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