Ayurveda and female reproductive health

Sithara Satheesan., Anjaly.M.V and Hemavathi.S.K

Ayurvedic concept of ‘A healthy progeny occurs from a healthy womb by the union of healthy sperm and ovum’ is of great value in this era of rising infertility and menstrual disorders. According to ayurveda the predominance and various permutations of doshas (VATA, PITTA, KAPHA) bring out different bodily changes in different phases of a women’s life. Based on these changes she is called by the terms kanya, gowri, mugdha, athirooda, vridha. Also there is description regarding dietetics and regimens that a women should follow in these different stages of ageing. Considering the concept of “prevention is better than cure”, it will be better to restore health naturally with slight modification in life style. This article gives a brief idea about the various ayurvedic practices and concepts in specific epochs of women’s life.

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