Awareness of dosage and complications of local anaesthesia among dental practitioners- a survey

Amurdhavani and Nabeel Nazar

Aim: The present study was undertaken to assess the knowledge of dosage and complications of local anaesthesia among undergraduates and postgraduates.
Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the knowledge that dental practitioners have regarding dose calculations, the maximum dose required of the most commonly used local anesthetics and other complications. A survey questionnaire was used in this study and data were analysed from 100 dental students.
Background: Local anesthetics are the most commonly used drugs in dentistry. Although they are considered effective and safe in controlling pain during dental procedures, complications related to their use appear inevitable. Many dentists use these drugs routinely but are unaware of the dose calculations required and the maximum safe and effective dose of the drug.
Reason: This study is conducted to assess the awareness of dosage because lack of awareness of the correct dose calculation is obviously worrying and a number of complications can arise from the incorrect administration of local anesthetic injections.

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