Assesment of groundwater quality of kokrajhar town of assam in terms of some physico-chemical parameters

Mehdi Al Kausor., Sharmistha Chakraborty., Maromi Roy and Sujata Brahma

Industrial, municipal, household and agricultural wastes as well as various man made activities decides the quality of potable drinking water. The quality of water is thus anticipated to change from place to place and time to time. Any change in equilibrium system of water quality parameters makes water viperous for drinking and other domestic, agricultural and other uses. The present investigation is undertaken to assess the quality of water in terms of some physico-chemical parameters of the collected water samples from twenty different sites of Kokrajhar Town, Assam, India and to justify whether it is up to snuff for drinking purpose or not by comparing with the standard desirable limit prescribed by different agencies. A systematic calculation was made to determine the Pearson’s correlation coefficient ‘r’ amongst the different parameters and the significant values of the observed correlation coefficient between the parameters were also worked out. The experiment revealed that the water samples collected from various sites of Kokrajhar Town were safe for drinking, bathing as well as other domestic uses, however, water quality should be tested time to time and check the seasonal variations.

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