Application based integrated weather monitoring and controlling home appliances system

Ruchika Verma and Nathi Ram Chauhan

The Internet of things (IOT) become very popular these day as it is repetitively evolving in the various filed of technologies like smart homes, smart irrigation, smart cities , smart management etc. The technology behind the Internet of Things is to connect various things to the internet which is a very advanced and efficient solution to connect the entire world things with in a network. The present work aims to regulate the home appliances like A.C. through android application by monitoring the local area weather. The introduction of internet of things provides a way to monitor the weather of a local area and controlling the home appliances from any remote area. The dynamically change in the weather parameter is monitored through pair of sensors like temperature, gas, rain, humidity and ATMEGA 16 microcontroller. The data from the sensors are collected by the microcontroller which can be seen on LCD screen and the data from the microcontroller is send to the cloud server through WIFI module. If the calculated or assume values of sensors exceeds then a message from GSM carrying sensors readings is sent to the registered mobile number with this information, user can control the inside weather condition by simply sending the signal to the relay using android application. In this work, monitoring the weather and controlling the home appliances using anAVR (16 bit micro-controller) and Android mobile app has been discussed. It has many advantages as compared to other systems in terms of its small size, on-device display, low cost and portable.

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