Antimicrobial susceptibility of extended spectrum βeta lactamase (esβl) producing e. coli from urinary tract infected patients from hospital and diagnostic centres in kalaburagi, karnataka, india

Raghavendra Ramachar., Shivannavar C.T and Gaddad S.M

ESβL producing E. coli isolates from clinical samples were investigated in this study. The clean-catch mid-stream urine samples showing symptoms of urinary tract infections were collected from different hospitals and diagnostic centres of Kalaburagi city. The isolation of etiological agent was done by semi-quantitative method of inoculating the samples on the selective and differential media Eosin Methylene Blue (EMB) and MacConkey Agar respectively. The isolated pathogen was identified by Gram staining, motility and biochemical tests. The antibiogram studies were carried out by Kirby-Bauer disc diffusion technique and ESβL production by double disk-diffusion test (DDDT) as per CLSI guidelines 2007. Out of 200 isolates screened 64 E. coli isolates were multidrug resistant with ESβL production. In this study 80% isolates were resistant to all cephalosporins. All ESβL producing E. coli isolates were resistant to ceftazidime and exhibited higher level of resistance to Cephalothin, Erythromycin, Cotrimoxazole and Aztreonam. Finally it was found that nitrofurantoin, ofloxacin and tetracycline were most effective antibiotics and may be considered as drug of choice for the treatment. The data from present study will help in forming good regimens for treating E. coli infections more efficiently and avoiding the emergence of MDR strains.

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