Anticipating alternative development through multimedia technologies: perspectives from rural india

Vijaylaxmi Saxena

Alternative models of development have tended to opt for the antithesis of the orthodox development approach, and globalization has become the new word for mainstream development. Paper emphasizes how quality information through multimedia source can play a key role in de-alienating of people, empowering of people through participatory democracy and thus transforming rural India and ultimately in enhancing the equitable development of India at large. Though infrastructural and allied limitations in rural India are key challenges, but believing in the strengths of ‘New Rural Paradigm’ one can derive the ways in which multimedia technologies can also play a crucial role in integrating the various sectoral policies at regional and local levels and to improve co-ordination of sectoral policies at the central government level in India. Thus, there is a need to enhance the effectiveness of ICT in rural development and in overcoming the myth about inaccessibility of rural population to planning and governance.

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