Anticancer effeect of the extracts from phyllanthus madrespatensis and breynia –vitis- idaea against liver carcinoma cell lines (hepg2)

Thangaratham T., Sundar S.K and Madhavan S

Cancer is one of the major health issues among the population all over the world, resulting in millions of diagnosis every year and increasing deaths resulting from this dreadful disease. Plants are a source of phytochemical compounds and secondary metabolites that play a major role in their medicinal properties. In this study, the active compounds from Phyllanthus madrespatensis L. and Breynia vitis- idaea (Burm.f.) C.E.C.Fisch. were evaluated in-vitro for their anticancer action against human liver cancer Hep G2 cell lines by MTT assay. The soxhlet extraction method prepared methanol extracts of P. madrapatensis L. and B. vitis-idaea (Burm.f.) C.E.C. Fisch. proved in-vitro cytotoxicity against human liver cancer cell lines. The methanolic extract of P. madrapatensis L. showed highest anticancer activity with 10µl (13.4 %), 20 µl (39%), 30 µl (41%) compared with the methanolic extract of the B.-vitis-idaea (Burm.f.) C.E.C.Fisch. The methanolic extract of the plant extract against Liver cell line could yield 80% growth of inhibition and were discussed.

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