Anterior middle superior alveolar (amsa) nerve block vs infra orbital nerve block (ionb): the varying differences and efficiencies

Anil Pandey., Amit Kumar Sharma., Priyankar Singh., Shilpa Arora ., Ambika Bhardwaj and Dinesh Francis Swamy

The anterior middle superior alveolar (AMSA) nerve block injection is a relatively recent technique, which has been used for the anesthesia of the anterior maxillary teeth. This nerve block supposedly anaesthetises the anterior and middle superior alveolar nerves because of diffusion of the anesthetic solution via numerous nutrient channels on the palatal process of the maxillary bone. Thus AMSA block makes another palatal injection evitable and doesn’t subject the patient to symptoms of numbness experienced in lateral part of nose, lower palpabrae and upper lip. We did a comparative study to analyze the efficacy of AMSA in comparison to IAON (Inferior alveolar nerve block).

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