Analysis of soil and waste water quality used for irrigation of hated mali waster watershed area near kuwarkheda village near jalgaon district maharashtra, india

Patil Madhuri S

In the present study quality of water and soil were tested in Kuwarkheda watershed area in Jalgaon District. In this investigation four water samples and four soil samples of waste water were collected for analysis from the study area. In this area generally untreated waste water is used for irrigation. The objectives of present study are to analyze and study the water & soil quality of the study area and its impact on quality of soil around the study area. The results found after analysis indicates that Soil and water in the study area are polluted due to waste water and it can affect the health of local people. The value of Electrical Conductance, BOD, COD. Chloride, Sulphate, Phosphate, nitrate and Heavy Metals like iron, copper were found above the standard value.

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