Accidental blast of an improvised bird scarer gun: a case report

Sandeep Kumar Giri., Luv Sharma ., Vinod Kumar., SK Dhattarwal and Pankaj Keshwani

Blast injuries are encountered frequently these days in the civilian population due to terrorist activities and unsafe use of explosives. Explosive related deaths fall into three categories, namely; accidental, homicidal and suicidal. Accidental deaths usually occur either at the workplace or when untrained individuals handle legal, unlicensed or illegal fireworks and inflammable explosive materials or substances. In medico-legal practice, forensic medicine experts face chemical explosions more commonly as compared to the mechanical explosions. The authors present a case of accidental blast with classical blast injuries and thermal burns due to explosion during mixing up of explosive materials in animprovised bird scarer gun by a farm caretaker

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