In – vitro screening of petroleum hydrocarbon degrading ability of bacteria isolated from contaminated soils

Shrivastava D. K. and Goswami Prasiddha Giri

Microbial degradation is the major and ultimate natural mechanism that can clean up the petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants from the environment, whereas the contamination of soil is due to release of hydrocarbons in environment and causes extensive damage to local ecosystem. During present investigation isolated and identified bacteria were characterized the petroleum hydrocarbon degrading indigenous bacteria from soil contaminated with petrol / petroleum products that facilitate the candidacy as bioremediation agents. Out of 63 samples, five bacterial strains were isolated, identified and initially screened as petroleum hydrocarbon degraders at different concentration of petrol i.e. 0.5%, 1%, 1.5% and 2% concentration, which exhibited utilization of petroleum hydrocarbon rich crude oil in mineral. Out of five isolated bacteria Bacillus sp. and Pseudomonas sp. were screened with significant ability to degradation of petroleum and its product. Ultimately findings revealed the extents to which the isolate could degrade crude oil hydrocarbon.

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