Caries prevalence in rural areas of kancheepuram district - a pilot study

Meenapriya M., Dhanraj and Anand

Objective: The Decay, Missed,Filled,teeth index has been generally used in oral epidemiology for assessing dental caries prevalence as well as dental treatment needs among the people. So this study is conducted to examine the same in the rural areas of kancheepuram district.
Methods: 100 participants aged from 10-60 were randomly selected from the rural areas of kuteri, mariammannagar, metukuppam, thiruparaithuraikundram of kancheepuram district. They were examined for dental caries using Decayed, Missing, Filled teeth index by World Health Organisation.
Results: Overall mean score was found to be 3.39. Generally the dmft score in the rural areas will be higher compared to the urban and sub urban areas. The prevalence of dental caries about 47.2% were more among the age groups of 10-20.
Conclusion: The study inferred increased prevalence of caries among the study groups and dmft status is high. Hence meticulous oral hygiene awareness programs and caries prevention awareness programs needs to be conducted.

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